How To Register A Domain Name?

Choosing the right domain name is an important first step, once you've decided to build a website, then you’ll need to register your new domain name to make it your own and to share it with the online world. Here is some basic information about domain name and how to register it.

What Is Domain Name And Why Register a Domain Name?

Every website needs a domain name, it is the address of your website that people use to visit your website. Basically, if your website was a house, then the domain name will be its address.

Domain name was created to make IP addresses of websites more accessible and easier to remember. You can find it is much easier to remember the domain name “”, instead of, which is its IP address. 

A domain name is basically a combination of two main elements: The website’s name and the domain extension. For example, the domain name is made from the website’s name “Google” and the domain extension “.com”.

Of course, you can still be able to have an online presence without a domain name. Many fully hosted websites and even social networking sites allow users to build a blog, web page, or even a basic site. But with this kind of site, your online “address” will just be a subdomain, which isn’t your own domain, despite it still identifies your space. But to fully have your unique location on the internet, you need to buy and register a domain name.

How To Register A Domain Name

Anyone can buy a domain name. All you need is to choose your desired domain name that is available, then a method of payment, and either a domain registrar or a web hosting service such as A2, GoDaddy, or Namecheap. In addition, you'll need to choose a hosting provider, a hosting plan, and an SSL certificate.

In general, you'll want to buy a short, memorable, and catchy domain name, so customers will find it's easy to remember and type in. It is also essential for a good search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. You may also want to do some keyword research for your business. From an SEO standpoint, it's always better if you can get a good one into the name of your website.

In that process, you might find that some good domain name has been taken already, and to make things worse, cyber-squatters often purchase these appealing domain names as an investment, with the intention of later reselling them to legitimate would-be website owners.

When you have trouble finding your domain name, check for help at our name generator. Our free tool will generate business name ideas and instantly check domain name availability, so you can create both perfect business name and domain name in seconds. If your desired domain name was taken, you still have a lot of alternative choices with our free suggestions. We will also bring you to hosting services if you don’t know where to buy your new domain.

Web Hosting Service

Oftenly, almost all web hosting services (or registrars) offer a wide range of registration plans - one year, three, five, and even ten years. However, registering for more than a year should be considered carefully, because of these two reasons.

First, if the registrar provides bad service, you will be limited in your ability to move the domain name. Secondly, registrars could close their business, leaving your domain name without a host. So our recommendation is you should carefully check the policies, as well as check which hosting service is reliable.


We hope this article may contain some helpful information for you to basically understand what a domain name is and how to register your own domain. For more useful tips, you may want to try our blogs section