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1. Think of ideas

First, brainstorm with your team to choose a phrase that is the most suitable to describe your business. Next, enter that phrase into our business name generator and let us do the rest of figuring out business name ideas for you. Avoid using your own name, unless you are an established brand. Because your name actually is totally not related to your business and won’t mean much to potential customers.
If there is still no idea in your mind yet, you can easily browse our available names, which are sorted by category and choose the ideas you like the most from our suggestions.

2. Shortlist our suggestions for the best decision

Choose wisely from our suggestions and keep only names that are brandable, memorable, sound great, meaningful. Remove names that are too short or too long, hard to spell, impossible to remember, and thus has almost zero brand value. To be sure that you have had the right choice, ask for feedback from potential customers or people working in the industry. Take note the names that are most liked, easy to pronounce and are most memorable to them.

3. Check the availability and choose the related domain

Once you have decided the perfect business name, the next step is checking if it is available or not. You need to make sure that it isn’t already registered as a trademark or acquired by another business. Of course we don’t want to have any copyright issue. We recommend you have some alternative choices, in case your desired name is unavailable.
If you’re planning on making your business online, you can use our feature of registering a search-friendly, memorable domain for your website. A great domain name can have a great impact on your marketing efforts.
But what to do when you find out that your desired domain has been taken? You can consider buying it, or if the cost is not worth it, try plenty of our alternative suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for your service? arrow_drop_down
The answer is no, we cost our customers no fee to get access to all of our features. You can use the business name generator, get access to the article section, as well as other related information, all are for free. Of course, you still have to pay for the domain name from third-party hosting services.
What can I find on BrandNameMeNow? arrow_drop_up
At BrandNameMeNow, you can have freely access to the business name generator, as well as every related information about naming your business through our articles and news. We also will help you reach a reliable 3rd-party hosting service with the most reasonable price.
Do you provide hosting service? arrow_drop_down
Unfortunately, we don't provide hosting service, but we work with a third-party partner to provide you the most trusted hosting service on the internet with the most reasonable price.
How to generate name on BrandNameMeNow? arrow_drop_down
It very simple, you just need to type your idea in the search box, then we will do all the work, your next step is just choosing the perfect name.